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Jan - Feb 2024 Edition

Students taking charge with empathy: Playground of Compassion

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In a touching display of empathy and teamwork, Grade 5 students at Riverside have transformed a barren space into a vibrant playground laying the foundation for a brighter, more inclusive future. Embodying the Riverside � � � � I CAN Approach to making schools humanE, the students worked alongside their Saraswati School buddies and the community and have created more than just swings and slides; they've built a place where friendships flourish and character is shaped.

Watch how the smallest CAN made a BIG impact! �


The past two months at Riverside Learning Center have been a whirlwind of exciting developments and new beginnings! We've been busy creating, collaborating, and celebrating, and we're thrilled to share a glimpse of some of the highlights with you.

Welcoming the New Team

Welcoming Adithya Narayanan as CEO marks a pivotal moment as we embark on a new strategic approach at RLC. With a background encompassing education, design, venture capital, and entrepreneurship, Adithya, a Teach For India fellow and Harvard alumni, enriches Riverside with a wealth of diverse knowledge and expertise.

Anu Malik Garg will take the helm in leading the Program for RLC. Her immersion in the "I CAN spirit" began in 2015 when she joined DFC Singapore. Through diverse roles such as Trainer, Facilitator, and Project Manager, Anu has witnessed the profound impact of FIDS on students, solidifying her dedication to RLC's mission.

Anu Aga, Meher Pudumjee, and Lea Pudumjee visited Riverside

Anu Aga, Meher Pudumjee, and Lea Pudumjee visited Riverside School to observe its unique pedagogical approach and engage with stakeholders, aiming to understand its standout qualities in education.

Audit and Training at DPS, Nashik

RLC trainers conducted a four day audit and training at DPS, Nashik, examining processes and enhancing capacity with sessions on Making Learning Visible, First Day First Week, and Student-led Conferences.

We would love to hear your thoughts�

As we are gearing up for the coming months, our team is all ears to know your thoughts on what you would like to see and read more about on RLC Newsletter.

Your feedback matters immensely to us. Do drop in your suggestions at [email protected]

Every Child CAN

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We present to you �Every Child Can� a book by Kiran Bir Sethi on

Riverside School's Design-Led Approach to Empower Children

Every Child CAN unveils Riverside I CAN approach, centered on nurturing children's agency and character. Through vivid experiences and case studies, the book showcases how Riverside has redesigned education, encompassing pedagogy, teacher training, scheduling, and community involvement.

It introduces groundbreaking ideas and practices rooted in the design process, fostering confident, empowered individuals with an I CAN mindset.

To adapt the Riverside I CAN Approach

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