Our Leadership Bootcamp is meticulously designed to empower school leaders with the essential tools and insights needed to navigate the complexities of leadership in today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving landscape.

Through a combination of experiential learning, interactive workshops, and thought- provoking discussions, participants will delve into key leadership principles, deepening their abilities to inspire, communicate, and drive positive change in their schools. Our facilitators bring a wealth of real-world leadership experience to the table, ensuring a rich and practical learning environment.

Whether you’re a seasoned Leader seeking to refine your leadership style or an emerging leader eager to unlock your full potential, our Leadership Bootcamp offers a supportive and collaborative space for growth. Expect to leave with newfound insights, a deeper understanding of your leadership responsibilities to make a lasting impact.

5 Days @ 5 Hours a Day
Ideal Cohort size : 5-10 participants


At the heart of cultural transformation lies an empowerment culture grounded in leadership. Leaders' daily actions determine whether they serve as bridges or barriers to change. Immerse yourself in strategies through our 3-month program for school leadership, nurturing the I CAN MINDSET across all stakeholders. Each module embodies a core set of practices, informed by insights and research, intentionally empowering the self, teams, and organizations in service of the vision.

3 Months | 10 Days
5 Hours per Day
Ideal Cohort size : 10 participants

Module 1 - Empowering Self

The first module serves as a foundational step for leaders to build an understanding of self and leadership attributes and dimensions that enable them to serve the vision. Through a series of curated experiences and workshops, leaders will reflect on the barriers and bridges that come in the way of impact. They will also learn simple and effective strategies to empower them to effect immediate and eventually long term change ensuring they can truly be in service of self and role.

Some key takeaways :

1. Understanding of self personally and professionally
2. What does moral leadership look like in action - ethics of the role
3. Understanding your school vision

Module 2 - Empowering Teams

This module emphasizes the concept of Leadership "in service of the vision," ensuring that Leaders are not only empowered individually, but also become custodians of the organizational vision. Participants will be introduced to the 'trinity' of leadership: Visionary, Instructional, and Administrative and the importance of each role in building teams towards organisation goals, thereby fostering a shared leadership model for teams to contribute intentionally to the realization of the vision.

Some key takeaways :

1. The Trinity Leadership model
2. Reimagining leadership timetable to have impact
3. Aligning team to the shared vision

Module 3 - Empowering Cultures

In the concluding module, participants will delve into the factors that foster culture using the 6 Pillar model of a school ecosystem. They will identify the role and goal of each stakeholder in the 6 Pillars to build an alignment with the vision of the organisational culture. Using the FIDS design process, participants will be guided to craft their own best case scenarios for each Pillar, which in turn will help them design the necessary processes for stakeholder alignment.

Some key takeaways :

1. Understanding how cultures get built
2. The Six pillar approach
3. Using FIDS to create roadmaps for own school


* Training conducted by only RLC trainers.

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"I would like to express my gratitude for the leadership module and the personal consultation provided by you that gave me deeper insights about my role as a leader."
Ms. Tehseen Zohair – Director, Frobel Academy, Chittagong.