There was no occasion where the rigour of the teachers’ pedagogy was being made visible to parents.

Watch Kiran share the origin story behind the MTV process.


Try the empathy lens:

There might be a situation where you encounter a parent who has strong opinions about how a teacher should be doing something differently. In such a scenario, try showing the parent the rationale behind why it is done that way.

In this process, the teacher shared the research and pedagogical rationale behind their practice, so that parents could see and understand the WHY behind the experiences and learning of their children.


Most of the processes and events that we timetabled through the year were student-led and student centric. Thus, parents were aware of what their children were learning but they didn’t necessarily comprehend the amount of work that teachers were doing to make this growth possible.

We realized that there were many aspects of our rigorous practice that parents were not aware of:

  • The research that we were doing about various pedagogical models worldwide, and how we were implementing them

  • Our consistent attention to the different ingredients that lead to a child’s holistic development, e.g. social-emotional learning

  • The conscious difference in our approaches when dealing with children of different age-groups, based on their brain development needs.



there was a way to remind the parents that their children are in the capable hands of professionals?


A timetabled opportunity for teachers to make visible to parents how they have designed the learning process for their students.

In this process, the teacher shares the research and pedagogical rationale behind their practice, so that parents can see and understand the why behind the experiences and learning of their children.

The parents saw that their children were in the care of competent people who were working hard for their children and were deeply invested in their growth.

They also recognized how the educational choices being made were a result of thorough study, combined with experience and intuition.

MTVs have resulted in greater trust being built between parents and teachers. Parents have begun looking at teachers as well-informed professionals who deserve to be respected.



This video shows how the “Making Teaching Visible” process is planned and executed


In this video you will see the rationale that underlies the process as well as what teachers need to do in order to prepare effectively. Along with this, you will see how the event unfolds, as well as hear some parent reflections on the process.


In this section, Riverside edu-heroes share strategies and insights from their experience of the process and how the process has impacted their practice.

  • 4:59

    FAQ Video

    Watch Ranjhani talk about the various aspects involved in preparation for the MTV.

  • 2:25

    Impact Video

    Watch Ranjhani share her reflections on how the process has benefited different stakeholders in school.

  • 4:47

    MTV on Play

    Watch Rashida Makati explain the thought process behind the MTV on ‘Play’.


  • The MTV process can actually be a great way to ensure that teachers actively adopt the practice of transferring research into educational pedagogies on a regular basis.

  • Advise teachers to simplistically make visible to parents the connect between the research and what they are teaching in the classroom.

  • As a leader, it is key that you embark on the research journey along with your teachers so that your team see you as a continuous learner too.

  • It's a good idea to pick the MTV focus area from your existing professional development sessions and the research that you are exploring as a team.