In addition to building a culture in every classroom, our ‘SCHOOL CULTURE’ programme goes beyond to include all stakeholders with the same values and goals.

The School Culture harnesses the model of shared leadership that empowers School leaders to become catalysts of change and build a school wide culture that intentionally graduates children with the ‘I CAN MINDSET’.

Using a curated set of processes from our 6 Pillar Platform, the training offers ‘visible’ examples of practice that enriches and builds a culture of shared values for all stakeholders that can be contextualised for any school setting.

10-12 Days
7 Processes
4 Workshops
Ideal Cohort size : 20 participants



* Training conducted by only RLC trainers.

Send your request for proposal to
[email protected]

" RLC has exceeded my expectations in its thoughtful care and support throughout our journey. RLC training has helped mobilize our students and teachers with the belief that they can! Personally, the training has been transformative and inspirational. "
Ms. Allie Frances Cockburn – English Coordinator